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Biofield Tuning - After the sessions I usually feel very relaxed, calm, peaceful and balanced.

Over the last 12 months I have been on a journey of mental and physical recovery from extreme stress, anxiety and exhaustion, triggered by the rigours of work and life changes. I tried Reiki as part of my spiritual recovery but didn’t experience any real benefits from it and found Linda after discovering Eileen McKusick on YouTube.

Every session with Linda has been different and involved working on a variety of intentions – from adrenal healing to releasing trapped emotion to separating out inherited / ancestral pain. However, what is consistent is the results that I experience during and after each session.

During the sessions where there are energy flaws in my field there is a definite change in the sound of the tuning fork and what I experience can surface as a memory or stomach churning or pain that passes once the tuning fork is back in tune and I feel the energy tingling all over.

After the sessions I usually feel very relaxed, calm, peaceful and balanced and in the days following there may be further emotional releases that all contribute to me feeling like a huge weight has been lifted. I feel like every session unpeels another layer and goes deeper resulting in a more balanced and grounded me.

I have found that this work has been an excellent complement to my psychotherapy as it is great for resolving emotions connected to trauma where you don’t feel that you can talk it through over and over again, liberating me more fully from deep-seated emotional traumas that have been since before birth in some cases and accumulated throughout my childhood and adult life.

Linda is an excellent practitioner, with a very soothing and calm demeanour. She explains everything before, during and after the session and puts me straight at ease regardless of the day I’ve had. Even outside of sessions she is always available to touch base with if I’ve got any queries or just need a bit of reassurance – I’ve never felt alone or unsupported at any point.

Even during the pandemic and lockdown we’ve continued our sessions online and I’ve had just as much benefit if not more from the online sessions as I have had from the face to face sessions I would definitely recommend Linda and bio tuning to anyone as the results I’ve experienced and continue to experience are too profound and valuable not to share.



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