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Unlearn beliefs that are unfounded

What is BodyTalk?


It’s a system of HEALING based on the innate wisdom of the body. It’s non-invasive, non-judgmental and safe.


The practitioner uses muscle checking to ascertain what wants to be BALANCED within the interconnecting dynamic systems of the body.


The brain is alerted to set the imbalances aright by tapping the head, heart and gut.

Newer science sees the body as interconnected dynamic systems which need to be in balance for good health. Interruptions to the balance and flow of these systems can be caused by attitudes of mind, emotional upheavals, the environment and even what we’ve inherited from ancestors. 

A session results in subtle shifts of energy which are often imperceptible and so a comparison of the physical state before and after the session shows that something has changed.

For more detailed info and the science behind it see:

Image by Marina Kraus

£37 per session - duration of which depends on the body’s responses.

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