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Image by Mathieu Turle

Biofield Tuning

Unlearn that you only exist within physical boundaries and that space is empty.

What is Biofield Tuning?


A new cutting edge technique for HEALING THE BODY by working in the body’s electro-magnetic field. It is a way for the body to recognise dissonance from the sound of the tuning fork and auto tune.

It helps release old patterns of behaviour that are stuck in the system.


The body is electric.

The human body is fundamentally electric and we give off an electro-magnetic field now termed the Biofield. The Biofield contains information relating to our history and experience. We have all suffered knocks, hurts and traumas especially when we were quite young and these show up as tangles or knots  in the Biofield. The tuning forks can unravel these and restore harmony and flow, bringing us closer to our true nature.

For more detailed info and the science behind it see:

Zen Stones

One hour session £55
3 sessions paid in advance £150


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