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Alexander Technique - I have managed to break the cycle of chronic pain...

After looking up the addresses of Alexander teachers local to me using google, I found Linda. I have been visiting her for regular Alexander Technique lessons for over a year and will continue to do so.

A skilled and experienced teacher, Linda has excellent technique herself, which she is able to convey to her student through the use of her hands. She is also skilled at giving verbal instruction, explaining how the technique works in general and what the student should be focusing on at that moment in time, as well as practical advice for how to apply it outside of lessons in everyday life. Linda is sensitive to the individual needs of the student, and gives instruction and advice in a clear, practical, useable and kind way. Her history as a dancer combined with her experience of using the technique has given her a good practical understanding of how the body can (and actually prefers to) move in a harmonious and integrated manner. She gives clear advice on how the student can begin to observe, without judgement, his or her own movement, and in particular, to identify the unconscious impedances to flowing movement the student habitually imposes on themselves, in order that they can learn to prevent them and move more gracefully and skilfully- and without causing or exacerbating pain and injury!

Linda is able to pass on her infectious joy of movement and how the body works and encourages the student to play and have fun whilst learning- and at all times! I would recommend both the technique and Linda to anyone who is interested in learning to liberate themselves from harmful movement patterns and negative habits of thought without hesitation.

Personally for me the rewards have been great. I have managed to break the cycle of chronic (arthritic) pain and have learned how to cope better with anxiety and panic attacks. Although these were my main goals for lessons, I am carrying on as I find I’m learning far more than I expected about the way the mind and body works (despite already having a degree and teaching qualification in biology!) and how to harness its power for the good of myself and others.

Thank you Linda!



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