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Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski

Alexander Technique

Unlearn the habits you don't want

What is the Alexander Technique?


On a basic level it is about POSTURE. Good posture gives organs space to function optimally.

This progresses to POISE - the mind body connection enabling energy efficient action.

Finally GRACE - the development of self awareness and heightened consciousness.

The Alexander Technique is PRACTICAL. We can bring it to all our daily activities.There are NO EXERCISES involved, only games and observation. The process is simple, the practice challenging.

Finding balance through paying attention and non-doing.


The learning is guided by the teacher’s hands which help the student to discover tensions previously unobserved. When we begin to understand the alignment of the head, neck and back, we become more connected to self and therefore freer.

Lessons are half an hour ( enough for the nervous system to deal with). For more detailed info and the science behind it see:

Image by Jeremy Bishop

£37 a lesson or £135 in advance for 4 lessons.


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